Located in the expanded downtown São Paulo, in the west side of the town, in the Lapa neighborhood. Close to Bridge Piqueri in Marginal Tietê, just minutes from the outputs of Anhanguera, Bandeirantes, Castelo Branco, Via Dutra and Ayrton Senna, the complex gives easy access to the Interior of São Paulo and other states and also easy access to the various neighborhoods of the city. Access is also greatly facilitated by public transport, having a connection with the bus terminal and 600 m (656 yd) from Lapa Train Station (CPTM), and both are interconnected to Barra Funda Subway.

  • Rua Werner Von Siemens, 111
    Lapa - São Paulo - SP

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  • Phone:
    +55 (11) 3613-2560

  • Entrance 1: Rua Werner Von Siemens, 111
    Entrance 2: Av. Embaixador Macedo Soares, 10,001
    Entrance 3: Rua Felix Guilhem, 1386
    Lapa - São Paulo, SP
    Zip Code: 05069-010