• - Identify yourself: Use your personal identification badge to be seen.
  • - Parking lot: Always park at the place identified for your company, never in public areas.
  • - Bike Rack: You'll find bike racks next to the main entrances of the condominium.
  • - Safe traffic: Respect traffic lanes, thereby maintaining your safety.
  • - Speed: Observe the speed limit indicated to prevent accidents.
  • - Do not make noise: Ad is prohibited through speakers, buzzers or any other noises that might disturb the peace of other users.
  • - No smoking: Check the indicated places where smoking is allowed.
  • - Green areas: Please regard the local flora. Do not throw garbage in the gardens and do not step on the grass. That way we keep the condo always beautiful.
  • - Recycling: Keep the condo clean and respect nature. Collaborate with garbage collection.
  • - Photography: Photographing and filming are allowed only with prior written permission.
  • Phone:
    +55 (11) 3613-2560

  • Entrance 1: Rua Werner Von Siemens, 111
    Entrance 2: Av. Embaixador Macedo Soares, 10,001
    Entrance 3: Rua Felix Guilhem, 1386
    Lapa - São Paulo, SP
    Zip Code: 05069-010