Espaço Negócios is a leasing company owned assets, which has in its portfolio business condominiums, industrial and logistics warehouses and commercial buildings, among other sites.

The privately held company entered the market in 2002 and its projects incorporates Built to Suit, or “Retrofit”, and new constructions with the aim of developing spaces for lease for specific uses with the focus on the lease of commercial Real Estate in São Paulo and in several regions of Brazil.

The purpose of Espaço Negócios is to developt and construct different projects, with a positive potential impact, prioritizing sustainable and efficient buildings with low occupancy cost.

Espaço Negócios develops and incorporates their projects on green building standards. The buildings are designed to work with low use of water and energy, reducing waste and helping to preserve the environment.


The company Espaço Negócios Imobiliários resulted from the union of the group HS Investimentos, an investment company linked to Ligna Group and ANG Administração de Bens Próprios, a company specialized in the construction and development of commercial Real Estate for lease.

Espaço Negócios Imobiliários built, remodeled, adapted and incorporated sites for various types of both local customers and large multinational groups.

Staff and Collaborators

With a team of highly competent professionals, we adopt transparency as a basic principle in all phases of our projects.

We work with the most important and prestigious project offices in São Paulo as well as suppliers, traders and independent high-level professionals, which is a must in our product.

  • Phone:
    +55 (11) 3613-2560

  • Entrance 1: Rua Werner Von Siemens, 111
    Entrance 2: Av. Embaixador Macedo Soares, 10,001
    Entrance 3: Rua Felix Guilhem, 1386
    Lapa - São Paulo, SP
    Zip Code: 05069-010