In the ’50s, the world was living the end of World War II. In Brazil, the moment was of renovation: the government of President Juscelino Kubitschek, with the motto “50 years in 5”, modernized the country, establishing basic industries and consumer goods. Brazil was getting more and more developed with the construction of a new and sophisticated industrial park.

In this context, a modern industrial park is installed in the west side of São Paulo, in Lapa neighborhood. Dates of 1953 the 1st land register of the space today known as e-business Park. At this time the river Tietê not yet had the straight course of today and its waters ran between the buildings of this industrial park.

In 2004 Espaço Negócios acquires the space occupied by this important industrial park: 160,000 m² (1,730,000 sq ft), including a environmental preservation area. Then initiated, in 2005, the first steps of the transformation into a business complex Triple A.

With the goal of preserving the original identity by transforming industrial spaces in modern and spacious offices, e-business Park begins a renovation known as “Retrofit” – modernization of industrial warehouses keeping the former structure, creating a new environment for a new use. The idea of the project is always provides spaces with flexibility of use, efficient and sustainable.

  • Phone:
    +55 (11) 3613-2560

  • Entrance 1: Rua Werner Von Siemens, 111
    Entrance 2: Av. Embaixador Macedo Soares, 10,001
    Entrance 3: Rua Felix Guilhem, 1386
    Lapa - São Paulo, SP
    Zip Code: 05069-010

  • Portaria 1: Rua Werner Von Siemens, 111
    Portaria 2: Avenida Embaixador Macedo Soares, 10.001
    Portaria 3: Rua Felix Guilhem, 1.386
    Lapa - São Paulo - SP - CEP: 05069-010